Avoid Spending Hundreds On The Wrong Health Plan

This video will show you the one, easy step to avoid picking the wrong plan during open enrollment.

Louis Zayas

11/15/20234 min read


The 5 MINUTE HACK To Never Overpaying On Health Insurance Again

In the next few minutes, you will understand:

  • How To Find An Affordable Plan Quickly

  • How To Avoid Overpaying For A Plan

  • The Best Way to Avoid Bankruptcies From Medical Bills.

  • How To Make Health Insurance Easy To Understand

  • How To Ensure Your Providers Are In-Network.

  • How To Eliminate Stress During Open Enrollment.

  • The Steps You Can Take To Tailor Your Health Plan To Your Needs.


We’re revealing a secret: a free tool that takes the hassle out of comparing plans for you.

It ensures you find an affordable plan, grasp every detail, and feel confident that it fits your needs.

Let’s dive in…

The One Reason You're Probably Overpaying

The reason is simple…

Health insurance is COMPLEX.

The whole landscape can feel like it's rigged against you, which is a shame considering healthcare is a necessity.

You could spend hours comparing plans and still feel like every choice is a trap…

What's worse is that picking incorrectly can slowly drain your bank account.

If trying to pick the right plan makes you feel frustrated, you’re not alone…

Only 14 percent of people actually understand the basic terms of health insurance.

It's no wonder picking a plan can feel like solving a Rubik's cube.

How It Can Bankrupt You

The hard truth: healthcare is a money eater...

And as costs soar, one unexpected health issue could leave you drowning in a pool of bills.

Dave Ramsey points out that medical bills cause over half of all bankruptcies(58%).

Every year, 530,000 families are left in financial RUIN because of these expenses.

The average ER trip costs around $30,000.

That's the price of a new car...

So if you’re caught off-guard by a health crisis, and you don't have the right insurance plan(or any plan at all)...

You can kiss your savings goodbye, because you'll be paying those bills off for years.

And don’t be fooled…

It can happen to ANYONE.

7 Keys To Avoid This + One Magic Tool(and it's FREE)

There are a few ways you can sidestep these circumstances ENTIRELY...

Ensuring you're never in a situation where you're overspending or bankrupt.

Here's how:

  • List Your Healthcare Needs: Medications, regular doctor visits, specialist care? Know what you require.

  • Stick to In-Network Providers: Avoid surprise bills and stay within your insurance network.

  • Understand Insurance Jargon: Get to grips with terms like premiums, deductibles, and co-pays.

  • Compare Plans Digitally: Use official sites like Healthcare.gov to weigh plan benefits versus costs.

  • Look for Subsidies: You might be eligible for subsidies or tax credits to reduce your premiums.

  • Review the Drug List: Ensure your plan covers your meds and check the costs.

  • Estimate Total Costs: Don't just look at premiums—calculate all possible expenses to gauge the financial impact.

Now I know what you're thinking...

This sounds like A LOT of work. PLUS, you still might pick the wrong plan at the end of it.

That's why we're going to show you one simple tool that'll guarantee you're picking the perfect, affordable plan that fits your needs.

Here's The Solution

Imagine being able to find an affordable plan that fits your needs perfectly.

This method we're about to show you ensures you understand every detail of your plan, guaranteeing a confident choice.

And the best part? It's absolutely FREE.

No hidden fees, no obligations—nothing.

So, what's this game-changing approach?

It's consulting with an Insurance Broker—a straightforward path to understanding and choosing your ideal coverage.

Why Insurance Brokers?

Here’s why...

Insurance brokers work for YOU, not carriers.

Their goal is to clarify your choices, helping you pick the ideal plan for your needs and wallet.

They link you with a wide variety of insurers, simplifying the comparison.

With brokers, plan details become clear, ensuring you won't pick the wrong plan.

They empower you to:

  • Navigate open enrollment with less stress

  • Easily find and understand the best plan for you

  • Save money by selecting an affordable plan that meets your needs

  • Confirm your doctors are in-network

  • Stay covered for medical emergencies

  • Protect yourself from bankruptcy due to medical expenses

And much more!

How To Find The Perfect Plan TODAY

You're in the perfect position to connect with a broker, especially with open enrollment closing soon. Universal Brokers Group makes finding the ideal, budget-friendly plan as easy as a relaxed Sunday.

With UBG, you can confidently compare numerous health plans, knowing you'll make the right choice.

We simplify the process, ensuring you:

  • Understand your coverage

  • Know your providers are in network

  • Find an affordable plan

  • Protect yourself from medical emergencies

at absolutely no cost.

That's correct... No fees, no commitments.

Just call us, and we'll guide you to the best plan for you, free of charge.

Find the right plan, stress-free and without spending a penny.

HOWEVER, open enrollment is ending in a month, so contact us now, and we'll secure your coverage swiftly and simply.

Your Next Three Choices:

  1. Go at it alone, sifting through complex options for hours, risking the chance of choosing an expensive plan that doesn't suit you, and financial trouble if a health crisis hits.

  1. Opt out of healthcare, rolling the dice on your health this year, and crossing your fingers you won't face bankruptcy from unexpected medical costs.


  1. Contact UBG for a free quote to simplify your healthcare journey.

But act quickly—our appointment slots are filling up. Call us now to secure a plan that's tailored for you before enrollment closes.

Simplify your health insurance with UBG today.


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